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Breastfeeding Information

Infants born prematurely or late preterm are at risk for feeding difficulties and may take more time to become proficient at breast. Infants born with neurological deficits are more likely to be diagnosed by the pediatrician at birth, but not always, and can influence breastfeeding or feeding in general. Other common reasons for breastfeeding incompetency…
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Increasing Milk Production

Increasing Breast Milk Production and Yield    Breastmilk production is a simple supply and demand system.  Increasing demand will increase milk production.  If medical reasons for low or reduced milk production have been ruled out, the combination of the following recommendations are well-known to establish and boost milk production.  Yield is dose related *milk removed = milk…
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A Partnership

Having been part of her husband Bill’s orthodontic practice since its inception, Debbie Hang has come to know the art and science of orthodontics having a masterful knowledge of the importance of health-centered, airway aware orthodontia that by default produces beautiful smiles and balanced faces. Debbie also understands the importance of breast feeding for optimal…
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Why Didn’t the Frenectomy Procedure Help my Baby’s Tongue-tie? A Guide for Families

Why didn’t the frenectomy procedure help with my baby’s tongue-tie? A guide for families Ankyloglossia, commonly referred to as tongue-tie, frequently caused by a short and/or thick lingual frenulum, usually restricts the tongue from extending beyond the gum line and also from lifting and reaching the palate, which is the tongue’s normal resting position in…
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Free Untying Breastfeeding Documentary

As an inspiring World Breastfeeding Week concludes and as we rededicate ourselves to supporting breastfeeding families, thereby improving breastfeeding rates worldwide, it seems appropriate to finish with this lovely documentary. International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Effath Yasmin’s blood sweat and tears, as well as that of these mothers, quite literally, is evident and subtly commands…
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The First Week

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby! You don’t have to worry whether your healthy full term, exclusively breast feeding newborn is nursing well the first week of life after birth. This will be apparent with adequate diaper output.  Simply put, what goes in, must come out.  On day one there will need to…
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Insist On Diamonds

Tongue-tie is the non-medical term for ankyloglossia, which comes from the Greek words ankylos, meaning “curved” or “crooked” and glossa meaning “tongue”.  A relatively common congenital anomaly, tongue-tie impedes tongue function with an unusually thick, tight, or short lingual frenulum. (Hall DM, 2005) Tongue-tie can disrupt breastfeeding causing many issues from occasional discomfort to extreme pain…
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Mastitus definition: Inflammation of a mammary gland, usually caused by infection. Breast infection occurs with inadequate or infrequent milk removal, or both. Symptoms typically begin with a firm knotty area in one part of one breast that will be tender to the touch, but can occur in both breasts. The area will then turn red…
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What is Tongue Tie?

Tongue Tie Tongue tie (also referred to as Ankyloglossia, Short Frenulum, or Tethered Oral Tissues) is a short and sometimes thick lingual frenulum that restricts the mobility of the tongue, particularly it’s ability to lift to the palate, and is nearly always associated with a lip tie.  Often times a tongue tie also restricts the tongue…
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